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BCG Partners with our clients in solving the hardest problems challenging their businesses – and the world. We do this by channeling the diversity of our people and their thinking, as well as a shared commitment to uncovering the truth. The solutions we develop in partnership with our clients transform not just companies but also entire industries and even segments of society.

Borrowed answers and undifferentiated strategies only achieve parity. At BCG, we aspire to outperform. Our track record of achieving advantage and generating strategic insight requires—and inspires—breakthrough thinking. At BCG, you will be challenged to find the innovative answer for your client and you will work alongside them to turn it into reality.


Join our team and experience management consulting at its best. With BCG you will learn how to navigate complexity, draw unique insights, facilitate change, and become a leader responsible for real and lasting impact. Coached by a personal mentor and supported by your team and individual trainings, you will join a diverse group of highly driven individuals from different backgrounds who respect and trust each other

We are looking for students with outstanding academic records, strong analytical and interpersonal skills, intellectual curiosity, and great ambition.

BCG’s award-winning internship programs give students from a range of disciplines the opportunity to learn more about what a career in consulting can offer. Our interns work on real projects and are mentored by BCG consultants, getting the true feel of the BCG experience and the life of a consultant.

All interns are assigned to client projects and given responsibility for particular portions of the work. They participate in case team meetings and interact with client teams, experiencing the day-to-day work of professional consultants. The work offers many opportunities for interaction not only with BCG principals and partners, but also with senior client leaders. Lasting for two to three months, an internship is an ideal “mutual fit” assessment—as you get to know the consulting business, BCG also gets to know you. Orientation and training sessions aimed at providing additional insight into the consulting profession are offered throughout the intern- ship.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be joining BCG as an Associate. From the start, you’ll be working as a valued member of case teams, helping world-class companies address some of their most pressing strategic challenges and initiatives. You’ll gain exposure to a broad spectrum of industries and business concepts and practices, and your practical learning will help you make a quantum leap forward as you move from the classroom to the real world of business.

One of the key differences between our firm and our competitors is BCG’s diamond-shaped structure. Each year, we hire more people with graduate degrees than with bachelor’s degrees. That means that we invest a lot in helping recent college graduates succeed.

Our associates have their own work and report to experienced managers, not someone with a fresh MBA. This approach provides junior team members with opportunities to work with BCG and client leaders and gives them unparalleled development experience.

For further information on our Programs please visit http://www.bcg.com/careers/default.aspx.


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  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT
  • Business Services to Knowledge Management


“Since joining I have enjoyed the challenges and development my job provides on a daily basis. This includes everything from building economic forecasts to partnering with the head of a billion dollar business unit to designing a strategy team workshop.”

Mazen Nuwayhid, Associate, joined BCG Melbourne in 2014 Bachelor of Arts, The University of Melbourne


“I have developed enormously at BCG. With client exposure across retail, media and industrial goods industries, and close collaboration with my colleagues I have sharpened my analytical and problem solving skills, polished my presentation and client engagement skills, and propelled myself further than I thought possible.”

Leora Friedland, Associate, joined BCG Sydney in 2015 Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics, University of Western AustraliaWe

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  • Practice Area Support
  • Editors
  • Case Team
  • Executive Assistants
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