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About Us

Our mission is to enrich the university life of all students in the University of New South Wales Business School by fostering an active community and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. UNSW Business Society is the representative body for UNSW students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School. Our member base of over 8,500 students is the largest of all societies within the university, representing a substantial talent pool which continues to swell the ranks of global business leaders each year.

BSOC's fundamental aim is to enhance student employability through professional development programs that motivates, challenges and creates opportunities for students and to establish a rich support network for students fostering their personal development. You can find out more about our social and sport events, education and career programs and publications under 'Portfolio'. You can view the contact details of the executives and directors here.

To achieve our aims, we coordinate and organise a wide range of student products and services including:

  • Social and sporting events
  • Student-focused development programs
  • Publications enriching student life
  • Student employability through participation at competitions and career opportunities
  • A platform for students to engage with staff.
  UNSW Business School

President's Welcome


No matter how much you prepare yourself for that first step, your first moments on that looming open walkway are always frighteningly electric. It’s the beginning of a new chapter of your life, the most tumultuous and exciting yet, and it’s no wonder you’re just a little bit scared. But with so much uncertainty comes opportunity. University is teeming with experiences, a Pandora’s box of ups, downs and rollercoaster rides, and has the potential to be so much more than just a simple education.

This is why we are here. To offer you more than just a textbook and a lecture. To urge you out of your comfort zone. To push you into a world of new faces and places. We want to creak open that Pandora’s box so you can swing it open and grasp the wonders of university life for yourself. In tow with the UNSW Business School, we as the UNSW Business Society strive to offer you the quintessential university experience, an amalgamation of all the skills, opportunities and magical moments that every business student yearns for. From technical skills and career development, to socials, sports, and volunteering, the BSOC umbrella is sure to not only cover your interests, but steer you towards the interests you never even knew you had.

We want to bridge the unfortunate chasm between students and the workplace, to open your networks and horizons so you can hammer home that first interview. We want to give you knowledge and expertise, so Excel doesn’t feel so alien. We want you to let your hair down and get your game on, to enjoy the company and competition of those around you. We want to give you the chance to give back, to the community which has given you so much. But most of all, we want to be your community. While we all walk our own unique paths, we all run parallel on the road of a business student. We stumble through the same challenges, the same struggles, the same fog. But with the helping hand of the BSOC community, the fog doesn’t seem so blinding, the journey not so harsh.

So I challenge you, to take hold of that community with both hands, to take charge of the opportunities it gives you. To grasp the horns of your university life and lead it with gusto. Your last chapter has ended, but with BSOC, the next has just begun.

Take this next chapter, and write it as your own.

Dylan Jaya


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Our Principal Sponsor for 2015

CPA Australia

Our Major Partners for 2015

CBA Deloitte McDonalds Charted Accountants P&G EY KPMG KPMG

Associate Partners for 2015

Accenture Woolworthsmsft

Our Supporters for 2015

ABS Credit Suisse Crimson Consulting APT
Please contact our sponsorship team at sponsorship@unswbsoc.com if you have any partnership enquiries.



UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive 10% discounts off purchases at the Moochi on the UNSW campus (can be found at UNSW Village area), provided that a valid UNSWBSOC sticker on the UNSW ID Card, is presented during the purchase.

UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive 10% off all purchases at Montagio in the Strand Arcade, George Street. Purchases over $1,500 are eligible for a 15% discount. Ask for the UNSW Business Society discount when you go in.


The Business Society Philanthropy initiatives strive to go beyond simply financial support to those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • INSPIRE students to TAKE ACTION with the knowledge that they can make a powerful, ongoing difference to many peoples’ lives through the contributions of their time and skills.
  • ENGAGE students and the wider community through providing enriching opportunities for practical involvement that acts as the vehicle for individual development on both a personal and professional level.
  • EMPOWER members of the community. Empower those on the other side of the world by providing them with the necessary skills and resources to allow them to reach out and give each other a hand up rather than a “hand out” so that they can support their livelihoods in a SUSTAINABLE way.

Ultimately, we want every member to:

Continue challenging yourselves like a true BSOCer because it is through such challenges and collaborative efforts that you can have the most rewarding experience. Some popular initiatives include Oaktree’s “Live Below the Line”, “Game of Cards” Charity night for Kiva Foundation and charity runs such as “City to Surf” and “Blackmore’s run.” There are always many new, fresh events and initiatives on way every semester so to keep up to date, keep your eyes peeled on the website and BSOC facebook page! Additionally, we are always excited to partner with charity Organisations as we focus on building long-term relationships – such as our community partnership with Oaktree foundation for “Live Below the Line.” For partnership enquiries please email hr@unswbsoc.com