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About Us

Our mission is to enrich the university life of all students in the University of New South Wales Business School by fostering an active community and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. UNSW Business Society is the representative body for UNSW students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School. Our member base of over 8,500 students is the largest of all societies within the university, representing a substantial talent pool which continues to swell the ranks of global business leaders each year.

BSOC's fundamental aim is to enhance student employability through professional development programs that motivates, challenges and creates opportunities for students and to establish a rich support network for students fostering their personal development. You can find out more about our social and sport events, education and career programs and publications under 'Portfolio'. You can view the contact details of the executives and directors here.

To achieve our aims, we coordinate and organise a wide range of student products and services including:

  • Social and sporting events
  • Student-focused development programs
  • Publications enriching student life
  • Student employability through participation at competitions and career opportunities
  • A platform for students to engage with staff.
  UNSW Business School

President's Welcome

Looking at a new place can give you that feeling of vertigo experienced when standing next to a busy freeway. Suddenly, you are in the midst of a thriving hub, bursting with people full of direction while you remain directionless. You are at the heart of UNSW, and yet you feel distant, not quite sure how you’ll fit in. Alan

Two years ago, I experienced the full brunt of first year vertigo. I knew it was a chance to begin anew, and yet there was something about the endless conversation and energy around me that seemed helplessly daunting. Slowly, like the landlubber stepping for the first time onto the navy ship, I found my legs. What I learned at the end of my first year was that embracing uncertainty would lead me to great places in this amazing, unique challenge that is university.

Supported by the UNSW Business School, the UNSW Business Society (BSOC) looks to ignite the spark in your steps. We are a not-for-profit organisation that exists to guide students through their orientation, progression, and graduation. I believe the UNSW Business Society offers students an opportunity to grow amongst their peers that will be unsurpassed in your learning life. This is because we relentlessly offer support, guidance and assistance to make sure you have the best possible experience.

I encourage all students to challenge themselves. Whether it be trying your hand at meeting an industry representative, unleashing your strategic planning in a case competition or simply going for a quick game at any sports event, I guarantee you will emerge wiser and brighter. What you will find at the end of your journey is a long list of achievements and experiences. Also, you will emerge with a wide network of friends who without doubt will be a great source of your future success. I suppose, such is the magic of this society that exists to see you thrive and grow.

Ultimately, we are one in the same: by the students for the students. I encourage all of you to come and be a part of this thriving, bursting and bubbling community.

Alan Huynh


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UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive 10% off all purchases at Montagio in the Dymocks Building, George Street. Purchases over $1,500 are eligible for a 15% discount. Just mention the code "unswbsoc" when you walk in..


UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive a discount of 30% off all full-priced items and free delivery from Eagle Boys Randwick. The deal is only available via phone order (02 9326 7511), just mention the “UNSW Business Society” discount when you order.


UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive a discount of 15% off full-priced items excluding alcohol, provided you show your UNSW BSOC sticker at the counter.



UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive free water or can of drink with each meal purchase, provided you show your UNSW BSOC sticker at the counter.


UNSW Business Society members are eligible to receive a discount of 50% off any drink with the purchase of any Sub, Flatbread, Salad or Wrap, provided you show your UNSW BSOC sticker at the counter.


UNSW Business Society Philanthropy encompasses initiatives of the UNSW Business Society that go far beyond providing financial support to those less fortunate.

We aim to:

-INSPIRE students to TAKE ACTION with the knowledge that they can make a powerful, ongoing difference to people's lives through their mindful contributions.

-ENGAGE students and the wider community by providing enriching opportunities for individual personal and professional development.

-EMPOWER members of the community by providing the necessary skills and resources to allow them to reach out and succeed.

Ultimately, we want YOU to challenge yourselves like a true BSOC’er!

We want to change the world, but we can’t do it alone - so that is where you come in. There are so many ways to get involved every semester so keep up to date on the website and BSOC facebook page! Popular initiatives we run every year include Oaktree’s “Live Below the Line”, Mental Health Week and charity runs such as “City to Surf” and “Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.”

Additionally, we are always excited to create long term relationships with charity organisations. For charity-related partnership enquiries please email partnerships@unswbsoc.com