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With offices in more than 50 cities across 26 countries, Oliver Wyman is one of the world’s fastest-growing strategy consulting firms, combining deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organizational transformation. The firm’s 3,000+ professionals partner with clients in industry sectors and regions of the world where our distinctive approach allows us to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses.


Visit an Oliver Wyman office anywhere in the world and you will feel it: the buzz of people who are doing work that matters with a sense of purpose. There’s no corporate mold to fit and hierarchy doesn’t get in the way. Better ideas win and everybody is encouraged to contribute. Join us if you are excited by unfamiliar challenges and at ease working across cultures. You’ll find interesting people who laugh easily, speak their minds and measure success by what gets accomplished, not how many hours are worked.

Our intern program will give you a real taste of what it is like to be a strategy consultant here. Joining for 2-6 months provides an opportunity to get to know us as a firm and obtain first-hand experience in consulting. We are flexible regarding start date and duration of assignment, but a majority of interns join for the summer or during a winter university term. In Europe and Asia, we have rolling start dates throughout the year. Those who join us are staffed on projects and treated like full team members with responsibility for a distinct piece of work. Coaching and feedback is provided throughout your time with us. Those who perform strongly may be offered permanent employment after graduation from university or upon completion of their program. The chart below illustrates how your career will evolve if you join permanently.

For an internship, we consider candidates who are in the penultimate/junior year of their university studies.

Candidates should have extraordinary intellectual capability, credibility and judgment as demonstrated by their academic achievements and extracurricular activities

Consultants get broad client exposure to strategic and operational challenges across diverse industries, developing specialised content expertise along the way. Some find a focus area they are excited about early in their careers, and others do so over several years. Either way, you’ll have constant opportunities to gain expertise and hone your problem-solving abilities.

Many join us with limited professional experience straight from University undergraduate and graduate programs. Outstanding students of any discipline are welcome to apply. We look for integrity, maturity, initiative, intuition, creativity – and a strong background in problem solving and analytical skills. Successful candidates will combine intellectual curiosity and self-confidence with entrepreneurship and a desire to contribute fully to shaping the firm’s future.

For further information on our Programs please visit http://www.oliverwyman.com/careers/.



We’ve collected stories of Oliver Wyman people and projects in “Our World”, a digital magazine.  It will give you a lively sense of our impact on industry, on society, and how our people navigate their careers with us.  We invite you to learn more.

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